Freshpork NZ is a family owned business with about 150 employees

Freshpork NZ is a family owned business with about 150 employees. We are a pork processor and wholesaler based in New Zealand. We own and run the only New Zealand abattoir dedicated solely to Pigs. We have a weekly kill of about 4,000 pigs (about one third of NZ pig production), predominantly supplied by a small number of dedicated Farmers.

Our Business


We are a supplier for all your pig nutritional requirements, producing nutritionally balanced diets for all stages of production. In addition we provide full nutritional and technical support. Our feed is delivered in specialist transport or bags and we are the premier supplier to “high health” piggeries.

Pork processing and packaging

At our Timaru facility, we provide abattoir services to a select group of South Island pig farmers. We also offer humane, professional kill services to small producers and lifestyle farmers. We market both carcass and primal products from this facility.
We pride ourselves on our attention to animal welfare and do everything we can to ensure that both in transport and in handling, any distress to the animal is minimal.


We have nationwide distribution of our products and have daily deliveries of carcass, primal and retails products to our wide customer base including supermarkets, butcher shops, processors, caters and other wholesalers. The only transportation of live animals is from farm to our Timaru facility.

Products and Brands

We supply product to the market either in bulk or under one of our retail brands which include Freedom Farms, PerfectPork or Bees Knees and we partner Foodstuffs in supplying product under the Pams Fresh Express label