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Farming - Method


There are a number of ways to raise pigs and different methods suit different farms/farmers. However, irrespective of the method used, animal welfare has to come first and foremost. Quite apart from the ethics of animal welfare, an animal that is well cared for will be more productive for the farmer. There is also a […]

Farming - Training


We provide technical advice, training and mentoring to our farmers and encourage sharing of best practice to ensure that animals are well cared for while production is maximised.

Farming - Welfare


Caring for every animal (including PigCare and FP PigCare Plus Program) Animal welfare is something we care deeply about and in addition to supporting the industry PigCare program, we have proactive engagement with our farmers under the Freshpork PigCare Plus program. When we are made aware of welfare issues, we work with the farmer to […]

Farming - Biosecurity


We take our BioSecurity responsibilities very seriously and work closely with MPI in this regard. The NZ pork industry is particularly susceptible to pig health risks and the majority of our suppliers have farms with high-health status.  To this end farm security is paramount and while this is sometimes perceived as having a lack of […]

Farming - Research


We have a reputation in the industry for innovation in farming methods, feed supply, meat processing, specification and packaging. We are consistently early adopters of nutritional best practice. We work with Pig Veterinary Services to provide health and production advice to our farmers.  We also work with PIC New Zealand on genetic improvements and with […]