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Sharing our love of good food

Freshpork NZ has had a long tradition of supporting family and community based events and charities across the country, with initiatives being reviewed annually.

But with the outbreak of COVID-19 and the pressure it created for local families whose jobs and lives were thrown into chaos, we saw a real need to do what we could to take at least one pressure off with a supply of wholesome, locally produced food.

In 2020, Freshpork New Zealand joined with the New Zealand Government to supply fresh NZ pork to food banks and agencies across the country, helping create an emergency supply for those in need, and ensuring Kiwi families didn’t go hungry during this unprecedented crisis.

After we’d established these relationships and witnessed first-hand the amazing work done in communities around New Zealand, Freshpork decided to extend our partnership with local foodbanks, including the New Zealand Food Network.

The New Zealand Food Network is working with Kore Hiakai Zero Hunger Collective, Aotearoa Food Rescue Alliance, and the Ministry of Social Development to help build the capacity and capability of foodbanks, food rescue and community food services, and prevent further shocks to food security in New Zealand.

Since August 2020, we’ve donated a significant volume of fresh NZ pork mince to local families through New Zealand Food Network and other local agencies. We’re also supporting the work of local teams in providing healthy meal ideas, cooking inspiration and planning, to make it easier to prepare high-quality, wholesome food.

Freshpork New Zealand is a family business, and over almost four decades our dedicated team has shared our determination to support our communities, taking pride in the quality of the food we produce, and ensuring local people have great choices of food, made right here in New Zealand.

We’re very happy to be able to share the food we produce, to help make a difference for Kiwi families when they need it most.

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