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Our Business

We are a family-owned business, employing approximately 150 quality people across New Zealand. We not only process, package and distribute quality New Zealand pork products, we also supply New Zealand pig farmers with stock feed – providing nutritionally-balanced diets for all stages of pig production.

Supply and Wholesale

Our products are predominately marketed and sold within New Zealand. We deliver daily to retailers and food service businesses nationwide – including supermarkets, butcher shops, processors, caterers and other wholesalers. While we usually supply to larger industries, we can also cater to smaller orders. If you are interested in purchasing any of Freshpork NZ’s products then please contact us

Our Processing Facilities

At our processing facilities in Timaru and Levin, we take pride in producing quality New Zealand pork for our customers. We have pioneered the use of new butchery techniques and packaging methods to extent product shelf life while enhancing product quality. We also produce a number of cuts that are unique to Freshpork – developed in response to customer requirements.

Our Timaru Facility

At our Timaru facility, we provide humane, professional abattoir services to a group of South Island pig farmers, as well as small producers and lifestyle farmers. We pride ourselves on our attention to animal welfare, food safety and the production of quality New Zealand pork. We market both pork carcasses and primal pork products from this facility.

Independent Asure Quality meat inspectors are on site at all times of production to ensure all pork processed through this facility meets food safety regulations. These inspectors also monitor livestock to ensure animals are cared for under welfare regulations. The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) also independently audit this abattoir each quarter.

Our Levin Facility

Our main cutting floor and speciality value added facility are located in Levin, along with our centralised customer services team and North Island cold storage and logistics facilities. This consolidated approach ensures a seamless operation from receipt of customer order to fulfilment within 24 hours to the main North Island destinations.

Our Burnham Facility

Freshpork also develops, produces and distributes high health pig stock feed to New Zealand pig farmers. All of our high-quality pig feed comes from our specialist feed mill in Burnham, where we continuously monitor and adjust our feed mix to ensure the best outcomes for our farmers and their animals. Our feed is delivered in specialist transport and comes with full nutritional and technical support.

We also invest significantly in our research and development programme to develop innovative stock feed diets and feed mill processes.

Member of NZFMA – NZ Feed Manufacturers Assn.

Our business

Our Farmers

Approximately 40 farmers supply pigs to Freshpork. It’s essential for Freshpork’s products to meet the demands of the New Zealand market. We have farmers who supply us from a range of farming methods to cater to different market and consumer needs. There are broadly three farming styles used in New Zealand - Indoor, Outdoor and Free Range. To find out more about these farming styles please click here.

Farming pigs takes expert knowledge, hard work and commitment from farmers. Pigs need constant access to shelter, a balanced diet and regular care. At Freshpork, we work to ensure our partners, farmers and team members adhere to the highest possible standards. Each farmer who supplies pigs to Freshpork must comply with our ‘Code of Practice for Pig Suppliers’ – which sets out the obligations for each farmer as well as our obligations to them.

At Freshpork, we also care about the welfare of New Zealand’s pigs. We use the New Zealand Pork industry’s PigCare™ programme to achieve and maintain good animal welfare at all stages of pig production. All farmers who supply to Freshpork must be PigCare™ accredited. As part of this programme each farm is audited annually and they can also be subject to random unannounced audits. When we become aware of any on-farm issues, we work with the farmer to address them as swiftly as possible.

Pork with PigCare™ accreditation has been grown in New Zealand under world-class welfare standards, free from added growth hormones and unneeded antibiotics, and is compliant with New Zealand food safety standards.

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Proudly New Zealand owned and operated, Freshpork understands and respects the subtleties of the environment in which we operate. We recognise that constant review and improvement is essential to achieve and maintain our goal of optimum sustainability. We work diligently with our farmers and through our process with this goal in mind, and we opt for best industry practice whenever possible.

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New Zealand has one of the highest health statuses in the world and is free of many pig diseases commonly found overseas. It is important that Freshpork and its pig farmers follow strict rules regarding biosecurity. We work closely with our farmers and the Ministry for Primary Industries to ensure all our suppliers do their best to retain this high-health status.

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Research, development and training

Freshpork has a reputation within the industry for innovation in farming methods, feed supply, meat processing, specification and packaging – and is a consistent early adopter of best practice.

We work with specialist pig veterinarians to provide health and production advice to our farmers. We also work with PIC New Zealand to ensure access to superior pig genetics and with the Ministry for Primary Industries to help improve transparency in our industry.

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